I am artistic. Creating is what drives me, what inspires me, what lifts me up. I write, act, sing, and generally create as a large part of who I am. I am currently focusing on recording. I have had the desire to record a full length album since around 1983. I am also a perfectionist. Songs that sounded like demos are not what I wanted and I lacked the money to afford the studio time that would be necessary to get the quality recording that I want. I also did not wish to sacrifice any creative control. I now have the means to record all of my material on a professional level. The album will be titled "It's About Time" and will likely contain 12 well crafted songs. Titles include: Love Play, Too Old To Be A Teen Idol, Child, Fighting Chance and more. I'll be posting small clips occasionally. I will also be writing a journal of the recording process. Click on the image above of the Pigmy Spy Music box art to see the entire Short film. Click on the Lulu icon to purchase a copy of the Traveler.
James Barnes
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A Short Film I Starred in.
A journal Chronicling the recording of my album "It's About Time"
My album "It's About Time" this is where links will be, to listen to and purchase the finished product.
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